Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | Buyer’s Guide 2024


Curious about which monitor will maximize your Xbox Series S experience? Let’s find out: What is the Best Monitor For Xbox Series S?

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | Best Gaming Monitor |
Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | Best Gaming Monitor |

One of the most crucial investments a gamer makes for their console or PC experience is a gaming display.
Your gaming experience depends on selecting the best gaming monitor.

If you want to buy anything that fulfills your needs and offers you value, you may find yourself somewhat confused by the wide range of options on the market. With so many monitors available in every price range, choosing between 1080p and 4K screens, as well as 24-inch IPS panels and 30-plus-inch OLED panels, can be quite difficult.

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S


LG 27″ Ultragear OLED
Best Overall Gaming Monitor

alienware-aw2524h-gaming-monitor | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S |

Alienware AW2524H Gaming Monitor
The Best High Refresh Rate Monitor For Gaming

asus-tuf-gaming-vg259qm | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S |

Best Full HD Gaming Monitor

lg-27-ultragear-qhd-gaming-monitor | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S |

LG 27″ UltraGear QHD Gaming Monitor
Best QHD Gaming Monitor

samsung-32-odyssey-neo-g8 | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S |

Samsung 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 Gaming Monitor
Best 4K Gaming Monitor

Selecting the Best Monitor For Xbox Series S in 2024

Consider the following factors while looking for a gaming monitor:

1- Screen Size: Similar to TVs, purchasers must determine which screen size best suits their requirements. Many individuals find that 24″ to 32″ displays are the ideal option, especially those without larger workstations. But those who are determined to have a bigger screen might look at sizes larger than 32″.

2- Refresh Rate: An important consideration when selecting a monitor is that a 60Hz display should provide a level of performance that even casual gamers will find satisfactory. Those who like more responsive gaming or who play first-person shooter games, on the other hand, frequently seek high refresh rate displays, which may give 144Hz to 360Hz.

3- Relevant Ports: Even if displays have connections, gamers with particular requirements often demand that certain ports be available. For example, one may fully utilize the capabilities of their current-generation consoles thanks to HDMI 2.1 connectors. Users of consoles from earlier generations need to feel at ease using an HDMI 2.0 port. Make sure the replacement display you choose has the appropriate number of ports for all of your consoles and devices.

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | Top Gaming Xbox Monitor |
Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | Top Gaming Xbox Monitor |

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S in 2024

Best Overall Gaming Monitor

lg-27-ultragear-oled-27gr95qe-b | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S |

LG 27″ Ultragear OLED

Among LG’s most advanced OLED products is the 27-inch Ultragear OLED 27GR95QE-B. With its cutting-edge 0.03ms reaction times and 240Hz refresh rate on a QHD OLED display, it caters to passionate gamers and provides exceptional gaming performance. If gamers are seeking for a high-end display choice in 2024, the LG 27GR95QE-B OLED monitor is worth a look because it has superb color reproduction and native support for HDR.

Resolution2560 x 1440
Refresh Rate240Hz
Screen Size26.5 Inch
Display TechnologyOLED
Aspect Ratio16:9
Screen Brightness1000 Nits
SoundNo built-in speaker, headphone out available
Variable RefreshYes
Response Time0.03ms
  • Features a refresh rate of 240Hz and a resolution of 2K.
  • Excellent color gamut OLED panel
  • Fast responding in just 0.03 milliseconds
  • Costly in comparison to LCD-based substitutes
  • Text rendering problems are still possible

Our choice for the Best Overall Gaming Monitor is the LG 27″ Ultragear OLED Monitor, which is a cutting-edge product. But when you compare it to the competition, the price is just too high. To be fair, the price of all OLED displays is often around $1000.

To make up for this, the LG 27GR95QE-B has a ton of great gaming display features. It feels and looks high-end. It also has some of the newest technology available for purchase. Its OLED display provides 2K resolution at a refresh rate of 240Hz and an incredibly low latency of 0.03ms. For those who are seeking the greatest gaming monitors and don’t care about budget, this makes it a top-tier choice.

The Best High Refresh Rate Monitor For Gaming

Alienware AW2524H Gaming Monitor

For less than $1000, you can get the 24-inch Alienware AW2524H with a ton of great features. Purchasers receive an amazing 480Hz refresh rate, which, combined with NVIDIA G-SYNC certification, offers smooth graphics and tear-free gaming.

Because the ComfortView Plus Low Blue Light Feature helps avoid tiredness during extended gaming sessions, the monitor also emphasizes eye health.

Screen Size24.5 inches
Response Time0.5ms
Max. Refresh Rate500 Hz
  • Up to 500Hz overclocking is possible
  • Combines technology from NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer
  • 0.5ms response time, very responsive
  • Somewhat more costly than substitutes for 360Hz monitors
  • Minimal use for the majority of single-player games

Thanks to many price reductions by Dell, the Alienware AW2524H Gaming Monitor has become the new industry leader in high refresh rate monitors. At just under $500 instead of $1000, it is a notably more inexpensive gaming monitor. With native G-Sync compatibility, it does provide more than simply a fast refresh rate. Additionally, it has Nvidia’s built-in Reflex latency diagnostic tool, which lets users adjust defaults and their display to create the greatest low-latency gaming experience possible.

If you’re a multiplayer gamer, the Alienware AW2524H high refresh rate gaming monitor is a blessing since it offers a refresh rate that few games today, even on the newest technology, can maximize.

Best Full HD Gaming Monitor


With its 280Hz refresh rate and quick IPS screen, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM raises the bar for 1080p gaming and makes it ideal for competitive gaming. For those who like 1080p gaming with less ghosting and lag-free, the VG259QM is a fantastic monitor thanks to FreeSync Premium.

Refresh Rate280Hz
Screen Size24.5 inch
Display TechnologyIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Screen Brightness400 Nits
Sound2W x2 speakers
Variable RefreshYes, AMD FreeSync Premium
Response Time1ms
  • High refresh rate to maintain smoothness
  • FreeSync Premium for gaming without tears
  • IPS panel with a quick reaction time of 1ms in GtG
  • Not the most accurate rendering of color
  • Poor HDR

Because it is more affordable, 1080p, or full HD, resolution is still the most common for gaming displays. After considering all the advantages and disadvantages of many 1080p gaming monitors, the crew selected the Tuf Gaming VG259QM as the finest 1080p gaming monitor. These displays range in price from less than $100 to more than $300.

Equipped with a very responsive Fast IPS screen, this gaming monitor is ideal for competitive players, especially those who take their fast-paced titles like Valorant and CS2 seriously. For improved detail, the display supports DisplayHDR400 and operates at 280Hz. Although the HDR model may not be the greatest, it is still preferable to a monitor with a regular brightness of 250nits given its pricing. Moreover, screen tearing may be avoided with the FreeSync Premium, which improves the entire gaming experience.

Best QHD Gaming Monitor

LG 27″ UltraGear QHD Gaming Monitor

The target market for the LG 27″ UltraGear 27GR83Q-B monitor is enthusiasts who want a high refresh rate display with good color accuracy at a reasonable price. With a quick IPS panel for excellent responsiveness and support for AMD FreeSync Premium and HDR, the display is highly responsive. Vibrant colors will abound in the game sector because of its broad color gamut, which makes it perfect even for color grading.

Refresh Rate240Hz
Screen Size27 inch
Display TechnologyIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9
Screen Brightness400 Nits
Variable RefreshYes
Response Time1ms GtG
  • Low response time and a high refresh rate
  • For the correct color, use the 95% DCI-P3 color gamut
  • An ergonomic position
  • There is hardly much contrast
  • Lack of integrated speakers

The LG UltraGear 27GR83Q-B is the greatest QHD gaming display in our opinion. Compared to FHD, the QHD resolution offers 1.77 times more pixels. Because it allows for greater information to be seen on the screen, fans are increasingly favoring the 2560x1440p resolution. QHD gaming monitors are often far more costly than FHD ones, especially if they include top-tier premium features like support for Adaptive Sync, a fast IPS panel, and a refresh rate of 200+. For about $500, the LG 27″ UltraGear 27GR83Q-B display offers everything and doesn’t fall short in any way.

With a broader field of vision and crisper visuals than QHD monitors larger than thirty inches, the 27-inch screen is more than enough. It is a good option if you won’t settle for subpar image quality because it has an IPS panel with a 1ms GtG response time and a 240Hz refresh rate. With 95% DCI-P3 color space, the color accuracy is also incredible, and the HDR400 compatibility adds vibrancy to the frames.

Best 4K Gaming Monitor

Samsung 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 Gaming Monitor

With Quantum Matrix Technology and UHD quality, the Samsung 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 is an impressive device. Together, these technologies produce an image that is incredibly clear and has vibrant colors. In addition, the monitor features a 1ms reaction time and a 240Hz refresh rate.

The matte display of the Odyssey Neo G8 lessens glare. For the best viewing angle, the monitor’s 1000R curvature is intended to mimic the human eye.

Screen Size32′
Response Time1ms
Max. Refresh Rate240Hz
  • Amazing HDR for vibrant details
  • Curvature of 1000R for optimal immersion
  • Q-LED panel with superior color reproduction and refresh rate
  • Lack of integrated speakers
  • Very Expensive

Moving on to 4K screens, our pick for the top 4K gaming monitor in 2024 is the Odyssey Neo G8. Users won’t regret buying it—it’s an incredible gaming display. With a 32-inch display and a 3840x2160p resolution, the details will appear more colorful and precise. The monitor stands out from other 4K gaming displays thanks to its outstanding Q-LED panel, which offers superior color reproduction with a 95% DCI-P3 color gamut.

The gaming monitor has all the quickness and smoothness needed for competitive gaming, even if it is a 4K display. Esports and competitive gamers will appreciate the great fluidity of movements provided by the 240Hz refresh rate and its 1ms GtG reaction time, which makes switching to the next frame negligible. Because it is a quantum display, the brightness is far higher than a regular OLED screen without sacrificing image quality. When used with FreeSync Premium Pro, customers may play without experiencing any tearing.

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S 2024 | Top 5 Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series S

Top 5 Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series S
Best Monitor For Xbox Series S In 2024 |

Conclusion | Best Monitor For Xbox Series S

Best Monitor For Xbox Series S | FAQs

Do you need a 120hz monitor for Xbox Series X?

You don’t need a 120Hz display to enjoy your favorite Xbox games, it’ll be useful to competitive shooters, as it’ll enable you to make full use of higher frame rates. 

How many Hz is good for gaming?

60Hz is fine for gamers who are not competitive. Thankfully, high refresh rate displays are readily available.

What is a 4K gaming monitor?

4K gaming monitor is four times the resolution of a 1080p panel, which provide higher quality images and graphics.

Is a TV or monitor better for Xbox series X?

It fully depends on what you’re playing. For example, if you’re into FPS games and playing at higher frame rates, you might want to opt for a desktop screen, as they typically offer higher refresh rates.


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