Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime | A Full Guide 2024


“In the world of Amazon Prime, the question arises: Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime, and how does it enhance your overall Prime experience?”

Yes, that’s the good news! You can get Pure Flix for free on Amazon Prime. Additionally, there is an app available for free download with the Amazon Firestick. The bad news is that although the movies are accessible through Amazon Prime, they are not free.

The services are not free once the app has been downloaded. For you to see the movies, you will require a monthly or annual membership. That’s perfectly OK if you’re wondering why the movies aren’t free. The rationale is that Pure Flix is only a streaming service, and as such, they have legal obligations to safeguard their content and make sure that only subscribers can access it.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Streaming services have grown in popularity in recent years as more and more individuals choose internet entertainment over traditional cable. Maintaining an accurate understanding of the features that come with each service can be challenging with so many alternatives. We’ll examine Pure Flix, Amazon Prime, and whether or not you can stream Pure Flix for free with an Amazon Prime membership in-depth in this post.

What is Pure Flix?

Family-friendly, faith-based material is the main emphasis of Pure Flix, a streaming service with a Christian bent that provides films, TV series, and documentaries. Since its 2015 debut, Christian audiences have rapidly come to love the program.

Many devices, such as tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, and smartphones, may access Pure Flix.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Steps to Accessing Pure Flix Movies Freely?

Launching the free trial is the first step towards getting free Pure Flix movies. In order to ensure that you don’t miss out on the movies when your trial expires, you might start saving money or accumulating it while you’re at it.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

There’s more good news: if you want to keep your subscription active, you may save 55% on the yearly subscription fee. Here are the procedures to follow in order to get access to Pure Flix’s free trial:

  • Make an account. On the official Pure Flix website, you may accomplish that.
  • Next, get the software from the app stores for Android or Apple.
  • Select the movie you want to view by logging into the app.

What is Amazon Prime?

Prime Video and unrestricted access to Prime Music are just a few of the many advantages that come with subscribing to Amazon Prime, a membership program that offers a plethora of advantages.

The program is well-liked by people who often purchase on Amazon and love streaming TV episodes and movies, and it is available for a monthly or annual cost.

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Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

How Much Does Pure Flix Cost?

There are now three subscription options available from Pure Flix: a monthly plan priced at $12.99, an annual plan priced at $99.99, and a three-year plan priced at $197.99.

Although some might think this to be an expensive price, it’s important to remember that Pure Flix provides a wide range of family-friendly content that is sometimes hard to obtain on other streaming platforms.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Is Pure Flix Free or included With Amazon Prime?

The short answer is that an Amazon Prime membership does not now grant free access to Pure Flix. Pure Flix is a stand-alone subscription service that has to be purchased separately.

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Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Users must have an active Amazon Prime membership in order to access Pure Flix through Amazon Prime. There is an extra cost to access the Pure Flix content.

Pros and Cons of Accessing Pure Flix through Amazon Prime


1. Convenience:

Users may access a huge selection of films and TV series, including Pure Flix, in one location with Amazon Prime.

2. Cost-Effective:

Customers may save money on Pure Flix subscriptions through Amazon Prime when compared to buying individual films.

3. Compatibility:

Many different devices, such as laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and mobile phones, may access Amazon Prime Video.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |


1. Additional Fees:

While there is a free trial period for Amazon Prime, there is an extra monthly cost to access Pure Flix through Amazon Prime.

2. Limited Selection:

Although Amazon Prime offers Pure Flix, the selection is not as extensive as it might be given the whole library of Pure Flix.

3. Content Rotation:

Pure Flix and other Amazon Prime Video content are subject to rotation, with new films being added and deleted on a regular basis.

Does Pure Flix Have An App?

There is an app for Pure Flix that can be used with a variety of streaming devices and services.

It’s simple to add, particularly for Amazon Prime subscribers who can add the app to their collection and use a Pure Flix membership to access the religious content whenever they like.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Step By Step Guide: Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime?

While Pure Flix’s app may be downloaded for free on an Amazon Firestick, the service is not free, and as of 2023, the movies are not free on Prime. Rather, users will need to register for a premium Pure Flix account in order to use the Firestick software.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

How To Use Pure Flix On A Smartphone?

Installing and using the app is all that’s required; all you have to do is download it and subscribe.

As Pure Flix is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, exclusivity is not a problem.

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Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Does Pure Flix Works With Chromecast?

Yes, it does, and because of its affordable pricing and simple accessibility, it is the preferred option for many. That said, it is not as user-friendly as other options, such as streaming straight from your smartphone or TV.

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |
Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime |

Anyway, here’s a brief guide to help you set up Pure Flix with Chromecast in your home theater.

  • You must first connect your preferred Chromecast device to both your wireless network and TV.
  • The Google Chrome browser plugin for Google Cast must then be downloaded.
  • Select the Google Cast icon located in the toolbar’s top right corner.
  • You may now begin watching any of the films and television series that Pure Flix has to offer.

Conclusion | Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime?

One of the streaming sites for videos that you should suggest to your family is Pure Flix; its main advantages are its strong morals and values. You can be sure that the movie material you are seeing on Pure Flix is pure.

You must register on their website to begin the free trial in order to access the movies for free. Make sure to stop your 7-day free trial of the subscription before it expires, or better yet, save up enough money to keep watching these movies after the trial period has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime?

No, Amazon Prime does not come with Pure Flix. Still, customers may purchase the site, or sign up for Amazon Prime Video’s Pure Flix channel.

Is Pure Flix owned by Netflix?

No, Pure Flix is not owned by Netflix. Instead, it includes a vast collection of original material and an interface akin to Netflix.

How Much Does Pure Flix Cost?

Monthly plan for $12.99 per month, an annual plan for $99.99 per year, and a three-year plan for $197.99

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