Today’s Connections | July Answers 2024


How does “Today’s Connections” keep players engaged and entertained? what are the answers of july Today’s Connections game 2024? Let’s find out: What are the most challenging levels in “Today’s Connections” and how can you conquer them?

Today's Connections Answers 2024 |
Today’s Connections Answers 2024 |

what is new york times Today’s Connections puzzle game?

The New York Times created and released Connections, a word puzzle, as part of The New York Times Games. It was launched for PC on June 12, 2023, as part of its beta phase. It is the second-most-played game published by the Times, behind Wordle.

The New York Times Games

Today's Connections |
Today’s Connections |

Today’s Connections™

Today’s Connections is a mobile/browser word puzzle game created by the New York Times that was originally launched in 2023. To win, players must complete a grid of sixteen squares and choose four comparable squares to classify.

Release DateJune 12, 2023
DeveloperThe New York Times
PublisherThe New York Times
GenreWord game
PlatformWeb, iOS, Android

The purpose of Connections is to split a grid of sixteen words into four groups of four so that the words in each group correspond to a given category (for example, “dog”, “cat”, “fish”, and “parrot” for the category “Household Pets”). The categories may include wordplay, such as palindromes or homophones, which raises the difficulty. When a player correctly recognizes a group, the category is shown, along with a color-coded difficulty level: categories are graded yellow, green, blue, or purple, with yellow being the easiest and purple being the most difficult. Each Connections game contains one category for each difficulty level.

Today’s Connections Gaming Experience

Today’s Connections puzzle is rather challenging, with the two harder categories being difficult to distinguish from the words. The two most difficult categories also contain a considerable number of terms that might be used in both locations without any additional thought on our part, making it simple to get the puzzles mixed up.

Forming Connections is enjoyable, and you can make a different sort of connection in the NYT puzzle Vertex by connecting dots across lines to generate an image. Isn’t a picture worth more than a thousand words? It is also quite calming and rewarding to successfully finish a Vertex puzzle.

Today's Connections Gaming Experience |
Today’s Connections Gaming Experience |

New York Times puzzle editor talks newest game Today’s Connections

New York Times puzzle editor talks newest game Connections
Today’s Connections | The New York Times puzzle editor talks about the newest game Today’s Connections |

Today’s Connections Category Hints

Today's Connections Categories |
Today’s Connections Categories |

There is much to be said about knowing the category names for today’s puzzle since the latter two should make much more sense and allow you to arrange words appropriately. Check out the category names in the table below to get this information ahead of the crowd.

1. Yellow GroupOfficer Grades
2. Green GroupPower Source Location
3. Blue GroupGeneral Buying Trends
4. Purple GroupMarketing Insert

Today’s Connections answers

Today's Connections Answers |
Today’s Connections Answers |

1. yellow group: exposed & clarified

Officer Grades
Yellow Group

Privilege and captain tipped us off here because general and major are extremely different terms that are frequently used in various contexts. However, the two lesser levels indicated before made it easier to determine that the private and captain belonged to a more military-coded group. And it came out that we were right.

2. green group: exposed & clarified

Power Source Location
Green Group

After seeing JACK, OUTLET, and SOCKET in the previous category, I was able to respond quickly to this one. The PORT word was in an unusual location for us, and it took us some time to find it, but once we did, we submitted our response with excitement. Remember that you can always shuffle the words around if, like us, you can’t see the forest for the trees while searching for words.

3. blue group: exposed & clarified

General Buying Trends
Blue Group

This is where today’s problem became a bit tough, because WANT might have gone in here, and there seemed to be a lot of overlap between AD-related terms and Consumer-related ones. We recognized APPETITE and DEMAND were likely related, but WANT kept getting in the way of our properly understanding what the two categories represented. Fortunately, you can learn from your mistakes.

4. purple group: exposed & clarified

Marketing Insert
Purple Group

While POP-UP and PERSONAL appeared to fit together, ATTACK was an unusual one that we couldn’t figure out. Years of not watching cable television and attempting to prevent advertisements may have ruined this Connections game for us, but we’re not sure we’ll be unhappy about missing it, given what it is.

How do I Play NYT Today’s Connections?

How To Play Today's Connections |
How To Play Today’s Connections |

If you’re new to the NYT Connections puzzle, here’s how you play. You’ll start with sixteen words on your grid, which you must arrange into four groups. To submit a category guess, search for four words that share a common connection. Once you’ve chosen your words, click/tap to choose each one and press submit. If your estimate is accurate, the color will change. There are four difficulty levels in Connections. Each group is assigned a color, which will be revealed as you solve.

🟡 Yellow – Straightforward and easy

🟢 Green – Potentially unfamiliar terms or trivia

🔵 Blue – Potentially unfamiliar terms or trivia

🟣 Purple – Trickiest category to guess

what are games like nYT Today’s Connections?

Check out some word and browser-based games to take your mind off of mass advertising and engage in some fun wordplay.

NameHow To Play
WordleSolve a random five-letter word using color hints.
PrimelGuess a five-digit number in six trials.
CrosswordleFind the two words that cross one other like in a crossword puzzle.
The Password GameMake a password in this ever-changing, not-so-simple game.

See special Today’s Connections to NYT puzzle

See TODAY’s special ‘connection’ to NYT puzzle
Today’s Connections | See special Today’s Connections to NYT puzzle |

Conclusion | Today’s Connections

Today’s Connections | FAQs

What time does the NYT Connections puzzle come out?

The New York Times Connections daily puzzle is come out at midnight local time.

Who edits the NYT Connections game?

The current edition of NYT Connections is handled by Wyna Liu, a crossword constructor who has been editing puzzles for The Times since 2020.

Where can I play the NYT Connections?

The New York Times Game App allows you to play NYT Connections both online and on mobile devices.

The New York Times Games

Today's Connections |
Today’s Connections |

Today’s Connections™

Today’s Connections is a mobile/browser word puzzle game created by the New York Times that was originally launched in 2023. To win, players must complete a grid of sixteen squares and choose four comparable squares to classify.

Release DateJune 12, 2023
DeveloperThe New York Times
PublisherThe New York Times
GenreWord game
PlatformWeb, iOS, Android


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